Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 9

You know how you have everything planned and it's supposed to go just so and then something is thrown at you that you weren't planning on and it just causes everything to go askew? Yeah, that was this evening. The day started out fine. But I had my meal planned based on my day's schedule and then last night Matt told me I was going to have to take the kids to practice AND stay there the whole time. I had planned on roasting my chicken and vegetables WHILE they were at practice and I would have a lovely meal ready for them upon their arrival. Uh, no. I knew I would never have time to do it. And there was no plan B. There are no quickie meals (unless you already have one planned and prepped) in Whole30. So I threw the chicken in the crockpot before I left this morning and prepped the veggies. I was gone the entire day (which was planned until the practice, which I was supposed to be home for). Thus, the chicken was overcooked and dry and of course I still had to figure out the quickest way to cook the veggies once I walked in the door at 6:20. Ack! They ended up getting boiled/steamed in the broth/runoff from the chicken. Overall, the meal was fine. But my anxiety level today was through the roof. (I also did a lot of driving in yucky weather/road conditions with Ollie either crying or trying to tell me something I couldn't understand and getting frustrated.) I guess I am not so flexible. Ahhhh. Breathe, the day is over. ps - All I really want is a big slab of dark chocolate right now.

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