Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Resolutions OR 2012 Goals?

I have always had a sort of negative perception of new year's resolutions. It just seemed so silly to me to make these "resolutions" that seemed flippant, would be forgotten in a week, or that were the same every single year. I honestly can't remember the last time I actually participated in this tradition.

Prior to Christmas I was talking with a friend about goals for the new year. I automatically stated that I never make new year's resolutions because I hate to fail. And I realized what I had said and the truth behind it. I don't set specific goals at specific times and make them public, because I hate eating my words, and failing to attain a goal that I shared with others feels a lot like eating my words. I realized, before my friend could point it out, as she did, that not ever setting goals for fear of failure is a sure way to never accomplish anything, be lazy, and have no drive.

So this year I've decided to take the plunge! Of course, once I decided to set some goals for 2012, I had to go overboard and set too many! Sheesh, will I ever learn?! :)

Some of my goals have tangible ways to "check-off" that they were completed. And some I still have to figure out how I will manage to keep track of whether or not they are attained. But I need to post them now before I use the excuse of "it's too late" to not do it! (And now I just got this idea brewing to do a monthly goal type thing. Welp, too late now! That can be a future project, I guess.)

So, without further ado (but with some further explaination;)

2012 Goals


  • Read 5 books from start to finish – two of which must be nonfiction. (this does not include devotionals, periodicals, Bible studies, commentaries, etc.)
  • Write 2 times a month, one of which will be a blog post.


  • Complete the Whole30 Challenge (I am starting this challenge on the 3rd! This is by far the scariest goal I am taking on and the one I fear failure of the most! But hey, it's only 30 days, right? About a year and a half ago I adopted the Primal way of eating and it was the best thing for me! I shed excess weight without effort and maintained without ever feeling deprived. But, little by little, I was adding in things by eating a little here and a little there until it became a lot all the time! I need this fresh start, but I have never given up dark chocolate and butter! AHHH!)
  • Abstain from grains and refined sugar except for special social occasions. (This is a refresher/reminder goal since I have basically fallen off the wagon during the last month.)
  • Exercise regularly. ( This goal is too generic, but until I adopt a shorter term goal system, I cannot post anything more definitive!)


  • Pray daily. (This is a weakness of mine that I would like to improve upon.)


  • Make a budget that works and stick to it. (Ugh! Why is this so difficult? Our income and payout has fluctuated for over a year, and now we are in the process of refinancing. But I am determined to accomplish this within 2012. When I do, I will let you know so you can celebrate with me!)
  • Make sure kids’ teeth get brushed each day. (I know, so ridic. But it's GOT to be done! UGH!)
  • One on one date once a month with one of the kids (rotation). (I absolutely LOVE one on one time with my kiddos! And we both really need it. So, I will be trying to create some sort of schedule.)
Okay, I had to stop myself. I feel like I could go on making goals for myself forever, because there are really so many things I would like to do/change/ know! I decided I need to attempt to make my goals attainable, while being a stretch, which I believe these are!

So So, 2012, you are on!

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