Thursday, January 5, 2012

Goodnight Day 3!

today's meals:
breakfast: sausage egg bake
snack: handful paleo trail mix (raw pumkin and sunflower seeds, sliced almonds, coconut flakes, golden raisins, chopped dates - I did not measure amounts, but I only used 4 total dates and prob. 1/4 cup raisins, much less than I would like! LOL. Ended up with probably 4 cups total.)
lunch: 2 Italian sausage links (I prepared a package of 6 yesterday) and leftover sweet potatoes
snack: I didn't get hungry until I was driving home from grocery shopping and it was already time to prepare dinner. I ate a handful of cashews.
dinner: ground moose burger topped with mushrooms, onions, zucchini, garlic sauteed in EVOO

After dinner I had decaf coconut chai tea (the tea bag kind) with a a half tablespoon coconut oil.

It should also be noted that I consume coffee throughout the entire day. Usually black, sometimes with coconut milk. I know it's an addiction and I know it's bad for me! But it's legal on this challenge, so I am keeping this one vice for now in order to not be a total grump all the time!

Today my sweet craving was less! Yay!

OH! I almost forgot to mention my screw up today! I made some granola bars and paleo granola (with honey and butter) for the kids to have snacks on hand. They have all (including Matt) been whining about NO FOOD IN THE HOUSE! Geesh! It's not that bad! They are just addicted to their carbs! I am not going to buy that crap. But I have this issue with wasting expensive, yummy ingredients, such as the buttery, honeyey, coconut oily, vanillaey mixture that I had mixed into the paleo granola. I had scraped the measuring cup and then there was the bit on the scraper that wouldn't come off on it's own. So, as is my customary action, I scraped the scraper with my finger and shook the excess into the bowl. But that left a good deal still on my finger, since it was a pretty thick liquid. So, WITH thought, I placed my finger in my mouth and licked it off. This is my norm, and I could totally lie and say I did it without even thinking, but I totally thought about it before doing it. And then I felt really terrible for making the bad choice. So, now you all know. Technically I broke the challenge rules. I am going to continue on my challenge as if I didn't do anything at all!


You know how people take such pretty pictures of their food when they are going to post it? I'm too real for that. Just before I sat down to eat I thought, I should take a picture because this looks mmm. mmm. good! So you will always see what the table looks like when I sit down to eat and you can see that I fed the rest of my family tater tots and sloppy joes for dinner! I am so terrible and selfish!

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