Monday, January 23, 2012

Whole30 Day 21

This is the turkey and yam hash I made last night. It was yummy! I tasted it and then worried that the husband wouldn't care for it. But his comment was: "if this is healthy then I want to eat healthy!" There wasn't enough to satisfy him because he loved it so much.

Tonight's dinner also turned out very good. But let me just say, I am not a salmon lover. I have not found a way of preparing salmon that keeps me coming back for more. I eat it because it's free and we have a freezer full. And because I know it is healthy. I enjoyed the yellow squash much more than the salmon.
The sun has stopped shining and today I was feeling really cruddy. Headache, general yucky feeling, no energy. I tried to take a nap, and lay in bed for a full hour, but I don't think I slept much. I was hoping to wake up refreshed and re-energized, but nope. I sure hope tomorrow is better, because when I feel this way, all I want to do it medicate with chocolate.

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