Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Goodnight Day 2!

A tiny bit of background: I went "Primal" in June of 2010 even though I thought it was crazy. Why on earth would anyone give up grains? God gave them to us, right? But I was willing to try something crazy after many failed attempts to lose the final 10 pounds of excess weight after baby number four. And I absolutely did not want to count another calorie! I shed 10 pounds almost effortlessly. I was smitten with eating fat, feeling satisfied, and never worrying about how much I ate, but what. Plus, I was allowed dark chocolate and treats made with almond flour, coconut, honey. Mmmm.

Fast forward to Christmas, minor setback as the 20 of the 80/20 became much more than that with family gatherings and traditional foods and no will-power over my sweet tooth. I did my best to recover after that first Christmas, but I have not ever been at my Primal best since then and so after another 2 weeks of gluttony this Christmas, a whole year later, I decided I needed to be extreme! Enter the Whole30 Challenge!

food today:
breakfast - sausage patty; eggs
snack - grapefruit, walnuts
lunch - salad (similar to yesterday's but smaller); Italian sausage link
snack - satsuma mandarin, second Italian sausage link
dinner - smothered pork chops (see link to recipe in meat post! they were good!); green beans, sweet potatoes
dessert - one date, tea with coconut milk.

I am still struggling with my post-meal sweet cravings! And even though it's technically "legal", I don't feel good about eating a date after a meal in order to satisfy my sweet tooth! If I don't stop that, I will not stop this sugar addiction.

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Contessa said...

Your doing great! Thanks for sharing your meal plans.