Sunday, January 22, 2012

It's Day 20! (and a meal plan)

I don't know what happened over the last couple days, but I feel like I got my vitality back. On Friday I struggled. I wanted to quit. Matt and I had no kids for the night and a gift card to St. Elias. The craving and thoughts of all kind of sweets kicked in. I wanted pizza. I wanted beer. I wanted chocolate! But I was strong and resisted that urge. When we got home from Carson's game, I opted to make some baked bars with almond flour and dates. The dates were the only sweetener. Even though it may not be best to find a "legal" way to get past that craving, still, I did stay legal and managed to hang in. Then on Saturday I stuck with my usual Sat. morning routine of about 6 cups of coffee over the course of 3 hours and I ate 2 of those bars for my breakfast around 8. Then I went to Zumba at 10 and I was feeling great. I went about my day and never got hungry again. I finally decided to eat again at 5, when I was feeding Oliver dinner. I felt fabulous all day and never felt hunger or thought about food. It happened again today when I didn't feel hungry for breakfast and had my coffee with coconut oil instead and waited until lunch to eat. This makes me really happy because, not only do I feel great, but food is not on my mind. I am not wondering what I am going to eat and when I can eat next. I love not feeling hungry and not wishing I could eat something I shouldn't. And I love being able to see things and watch people eat things (i.e. doughnuts at church) and not wish I was eating one too. Not compelled at all. Not missing what I should not have. Big happy face.

So, here is this week's meal plan. Since I made the turkey last week (the best thing I could have done), I have been enjoying homemade stock and turkey soup. I am getting adventurous again with some new recipes this week, so I hope my family doesn't rebel! :)

Wednesday: turkey pumpkin chili (I'm going to use frozen squash because I have some)
Thursday: beef vegetable soup
Friday: salsa chicken (I never ended up making this, with all the leftover turkey, and it's sort of serving as my backup meal right now)
Saturday: I will be gone this night and so I will probably let the fam eat pizza as a treat. I am thinking a nice yummy steak will be just the ticket for me on this special night. :)

So, fyi, Saturday will be day 26 and I am actually considering ending my challenge on this day. I will be celebrating the 40th birthday of a very dear friend that evening. I plan to stick to Whole30 as much as possible, but thus far I have not had to face the challenge of eating out during this challenge. On this day I will be having dinner out and then breakfast and lunch the next day. I am afraid it will be difficult to avoid butter. I also plan to make her some coconut bars that contain some honey (I do not use stevia. Ever.). For the sake of happiness and not feeling deprived, I may just end my challenge a few days early and enjoy the blessing of friendship. Either way, I will certainly let you all know what happens! :)


Dana Broderick said...

I am really impressed with your dedication! I was pretty good the first week of my challenge but definitely struggled this week! And it's only week 2!

I love your blog. Maybe I need to pick mine up, just for the journaling purposes!

Love ya! Can't wait to see you guys SOON! YAY!!!!

Amber said...

Thanks Dana! I love writing. I can't wait to see you too!