Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day Five and Still Alive!

My workout today consisted of: lifting a bbq grill up onto a porch, dragging a gigantic Christmas tree halfway across the yard, and walking up a very looooong and fairly steep hill 5 or 6 times. (this was in snow for those of you lucky enough to live places where it doesn't do that)

breakfast: sausage egg bake
snack: trail mix, satsuma mandarin
lunch: leftover turkey soup (turkey, carrots, celery, seasonings in homemade stock)
snack: I also made coconut butter today! YUM YUM YUM! mixed some freshly made coconut butter, which is quite runny when first made, with almond butter and dipped apple slices in it.

*admission - when I poured in my tomato sauce (because I was out of paste), I glanced at the can after and saw that there is sugar in it! I had no idea there would be sugar in my organic tomato sauce. I just assumed tomato sauce always consisted of tomatoes and whatever preservative they used in canning. bummer. Whole30 fail!

But it was delicious!

I put my turkey on a bed of lettuce topped with avocado and cilantro. I let the kids put theirs in tortillas with sour cream and shredded cheese. Hallie was the only one who didn't love it.


Sarah said...

How did you make the coconut butter? We seem to have a severe allergy to amind butter over here :(

Amber said...

Sarah, this was my first time making it. I used the directions I found at . I used the wide chip coconut because that's what I had the most of and it's cheaper. I ended up including some coconut oil (guessing about 2 TBSP). When first done, it was very runny. Then I put it in the fridge and it got very hard. Then I tried leaving it out at room temp and it never softened up again. It does not have the soft consistency of almond butter, but beware, if you love coconut, it is addicting. I ate all of it (4 cups of coconut reduced to 1?) in a couple of days and gave myself and unintentional "coconut cleanse". LOL