Sunday, January 8, 2012

This Week's Meal Plan

Monday: beef vegetable soup (I chose this for this day because I can make a lot and I am bringing dinner to a new momma!)
Thursday: roast chicken and vegetables
Friday: meatloaf
Saturday: beef stew
Sunday: chicken soup (with leftovers and homemade stock, of course!)

The linked recipes are new recipes I've never tried, so I'll let you know how they turn out! The others are all in my head I've made them so often. If you want to try and need further guidance, feel free to comment and I will share how I make them.

Also, when the meal just lists a main meat dish, I usually prepare one or two veggie sides and since my family still consumes grains, I will make a rice or potato side. The rest of the family put their beef veggie soup over egg noodles, because that is a Fischer tradition handed down through the generations. :)

Breakfast plans involve eggs and sausage! If I get bored of that, I will have to figure something else out. If I get motivated, I might cut up veggies to have omlett or skillet type breakfast with my eggs and sausage. ;)

Lunches and snacks will always consist of leftovers, big ass salads, fruit (limited), nuts, seeds, coconut and coconut oil.

It's going to be a great Whole30 week!


Unknown said...

thank you so much for this! very helpful and i can't wait to try the coconut chicken. did you buy chipotle at freds?

Amber said...

Who are you, Unknown? :) So, I bought a can of chipotle peppers at Freds awhile ago for a different recipe and it didn't use nearly all of them. I think this recipe is referring to a powder? but I am going to try to make my canned ones work by grinding to a paste. Also, they are very spicy, so the kids might not like it! I might make some "regular" salmon (butter, garlic salt, etc.) for them because they usually scarf it up.

katy said...

the uknown is katy! i have lots of new mexico chili powder i can maybe use instead? i went to the link you provided and i like that someone used this on halibut as well. i might try that because we have a lot more to use up!

Amber said...

I figured, since you are the only one who comments! But it was exciting to get one! I like to know who I'm talking to, since I assume it probably is someone I know. I think lime and chili would be great and maybe easier to consume than chipotle. I might use very little chipotle and add some chili powder. good idea!