Friday, January 20, 2012

Oh, and it's Day 18.

Yes, I am getting worn out with this. I am not as excited to show you my food anymore. There are no changes happening with lunches and breakfasts, and dinners have had a few less-than-satisfactory results. I am still hanging in, but definitely counting the days until this challenge is over. Not so I can start eating unhealthy stuff, but so I don't have to wonder what to eat when I am hungry between meals. Hopefully I will be able to reintroduce cheese without any issues. And then, when I need a snack I can go back to eating my salami and cheese - because even though salami is a processed meat, I still feel it is a better choice to snack on than cookies or crackers and, I like it. I can cook with butter. And consume bacon again.

And hopefully, I will continue to do an awesome job making meal plans each week and feeding my entire family healthier, not just me. Being on this challenge has really made it easier to bring the whole family in to healthier eating, because there is no more junk in this house. I know I don't do well with temptation. Hopefully, I will be able to go back to eating a very small portion of dark chocolate now and then and occasionally bake a Primal treat using honey or maple, and almond flour without losing complete control of how much of these sweets I eat.

Hopefully, I will take the time and effort to make myself a salad for lunch or cook up a quick stir fry. Rather than just eating an apple with almond butter and cheese and salami for lunch!

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